Jul 20, 2020  •  

Paramount Internship – Tom Canova

by paramountleads

Hi, my name is Tommy Canova.

I am a sales intern at Paramount Lead Solutions and Advertising going into my senior year at Illinois State University. When I started back in June, I had a very vague understanding of sales.

I didn’t really believe that I could be the best at what I was trying to accomplish. Now that the summer is coming to an end, I have learned many lessons about sales, but more about life.

The positive reinforcement used by Dave, the CEO and the other managers in the office is what helped my confidence grow tremendously. Whether it be banging the drums after setting an appointment or being recognized for your hard work during the weekly “Halo Wednesday”, you never feel like you are failing.

The skills and philosophies that I learned this summer will help me not only in the business world but also in life. I am anxious about what is to come after college, but I am confident that I will succeed with everything that I gained from this experience.