Generate Sales with Our BDC Service Support

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Our BDC support service can help you re-engage customers and bring them back to your dealership for a tune-up.

We remind customers of the importance of returning to your dealership for their next service and maintenance appointment, generating new sales.

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Bring Customers Back to Your Dealership for Maintenance

Maintaining a strong service department is essential for dealerships looking to increase business and generate a high ROI. Incorporating a Service BDC may seem like an added expense and responsibility for your dealership, but it’s important to recognize the benefits outweigh the cost.

With 66% of service advisors failing to schedule appointments from calls, imagine the positive impact on your business if those callers were effectively converted into appointments.

  • Build customer loyalty.
  • Encourage repeat customers.
  • Bring customers back to your dealership for new car sales opportunities.
  • Attract new buyers to your showroom floor.

Our BDC Service Support is an automated lead generation solution that helps bring customers back to your dealership for service, maintenance, or a general tune-up. Our AI-powered BDC service uses automated text messaging, voicemail, and email to engage with customers in a personalized and timely manner.

Additionally, our AI can analyze customer data to determine which leads are most likely to convert into sales, allowing us to target our efforts toward the most promising opportunities. You’ll be able to re-engage the right customers to remind them to set a service appointment.

With our BDC service, you can streamline your service and maintenance process, increase your Repair Order (RO) sales opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction – all while saving time and resources.

Key Points About Our Service

Service/Maintenance BDC is essential for efficient lead management, especially with limited internal resources

Set up custom campaigns that drive Repair Order opportunities and improve customer retention

Increase overall customer return and absorption rates to increase customer pay traffic

Impact of Our Service/Maintenance BDC Program

Better Overall Customer Satisfaction

Outsourced BDC professionals are trained to engage with customers. Internal resources may not possess the customer service skills necessary to bring clients to the dealership.

More Completed ROs

Tired of losing repair sales by engaging the wrong customers? Our service supports outbound marketing campaigns that drive ROs and improve customer retention.

Increased Average RO

Grow revenue for your dealership by increasing the average value of ROs. Let our BDC team be an extension of your automotive sales team to grow the dollar value of each RO.

How Our Customers Have Grown

Interested in what our customers have to say? Take a look at our testimonials page for more on how we’ve transformed the Service/Maintenance departments for other dealerships.

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