Upskill Your Sales Team Through Automotive BDC Training

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Our automotive BDC training program is designed to upskill your current sales team and improve their ability to target and bring in customers.

Our training program provides your team with the tools and knowledge to increase sales opportunities at your dealership.

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Increase Dealership Sales with Our BDC Training Program

Our training program is designed to help your staff understand how to prospect and engage with all sales opportunities. By growing the capabilities of internal staff, you can increase dealership sales.

We can train your team with our proven, data-driven, and quality-assured strategies. We have one of the top sales training programs in the U.S., with a curriculum focused on customer retention and conversion.

We deliver our program nationally. Not only will we come to you, but we offer a virtual experience to access our expertise anytime. Here’s what you can expect from our automotive BDC training program:

  • Your team will increase sales activity through expert consultation and confidence building.
  • We’ll increase show conversions by helping your team analyze customer data before customers arrive on-site.
  • You will realize an increase in appointments from the Internet leads you already receive.

Our goal is to present you with practical methods to set and confirm appointments with realistic expectations. Customers will arrive at your dealership with confidence, and your team will be prepared to engage with them.

With our BDC training program, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your dealership’s sales and customer retention.

Key Points About Our Service

Upskill your team to improve their ability to target and bring in customers

Increase lead conversion, showroom traffic, shows, and sales by 30%

Tap into our virtual training experience to access our expertise anytime

Impact of Our BDC Training Program

Increased Sales Activity and Show Conversion

Your team will learn how to analyze data before the customer arrives on site. The training will lead to an increase in sales activity and show conversion.

Increased Appointments

Our training program will teach your team proven, data-driven, and quality-assured strategies to increase appointments from Internet leads.

Improved Customer Retention and Conversion

Customers will understand that your dealership values their business, improving the customer experience.

How Our Customers Have Grown

Dealerships have been extremely satisfied with the results of our BDC training program. These satisfied customers have provided us with glowing testimonials that can be found on our testimonials page.

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