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Have a look at what our satisfied car dealers have to say about the experience, results, and success they achieved through our Outsourced BDC services!
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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

At Paramount Lead Solutions, we specialize in providing outsourced BDC services to car dealerships with the goal of guaranteeing increased automotive sales.

Our partners can attest to the value of our services, and the positive impact we have had on their dealership’s overall performance. We strive to not be viewed as an additional cost, but as a valuable asset to any dealership looking to improve sales performance and achieve a high ROI.

“Having Paramount make the necessary calls from our Equity Mining Software instead of my sales guys, has added 20-25 new car sales per month as well as increased our service department production. It’s not as though my sales guys couldn’t make the calls, they were just not as proficient and efficient at it. The Combination of the Equity Mining Software along with Paramount has been tremendous and maybe the smartest decision I have made as a GM.”

​Lindsay Latsko
Dealership Relationships Manager
(Zeigler Cdjr – Schaumburg, IL)

“We have had great success with our partnership with Paramount! They keep us in the loop about our progress and have worked with us on how to handle appointments that they set for us. This approach has helped us close more deals and helped our reps tremendously during the sales process.”

Carl Bauer
General Manager
(Martin Nissan – Skokie, IL)

“Dave and his team are professional, enthusiastic and eager to ensure the success of our campaign. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to drive more traffic to your dealership.”

John Doolin
Marketing Director
(Bettenhausen Cdjr – Tinley Park, IL)

“For over 29 years, I’ve tried many different marketing companies. Paramount is the best that I’ve ever used. I owe it to them to tell everybody to give them a try!”

Tom Bauer
General Sales Manager
(Sam Leman Cdjr – Morton, IL)

“I got tired of expecting great results from my salespeople dialing the phone. Paramount consistently delivers customers with great trades and realistic expectations. We close over 60% of every lead they bring. Thanks, Paramount!”

Craig Andrea
General Manager
(Racine Toyota – Racine, WI

“I know that they’ll treat their customers the same that I would, and that’s a big deal”

Scott Clausing
General Manager and Owner
(Michigan City Cdjr – Michigan City, IN)

Work With Our BDC Experts

Working with one of our BDC experts can provide valuable insights and help you optimize your business operations. Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and see how we can help your business grow.