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Optimize Your BDC Sales

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Move inventory and increase sales in the most efficient way possible. Our expert team will help your car dealership reach sales goals and create more service calls through our proven approach. Paramount Lead Solutions offers outsourced BDC, equity mining, automated lead generation, and more services to increase performance.

How We Support Car Dealerships

BDC Insurance Program

Whether you need us to take a seat at the table or serve as your complete BDC team, we offer solutions that fit your need.

Equity Mining

We’ll effectively re-engage past customers and bring them to your dealership floor for fresh sales opportunities.

Paramount Direct

We use A.I. technology to automate the lead generation and conversion process for your dealership.

Service/Maintenance BDC

We’ll bring customers back to your dealership for service and maintenance.

BDC Training

Need to upskill your BDC team? Our experts provide BDC training to grow the capabilities of your existing squad.

Other Services

Consider us for 3-day events, instant showroom traffic, and other services to bring customers to you.

Our Impact on Car Dealerships

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Appointments Scheduled

65% BDC Appointment to Show Conversion

Dealer Sales Growth

5-7x ROI from Guaranteed Show Program

Wide Dealership Reach

Access to Data from 158,000 dealers

Are You a Vehicle Manufacturer?

In addition to supporting car dealerships, we also work directly with major car manufacturers. Learn how we can provide your company with a top-down solution for outsourced BDC, equity mining, and automated lead generation for each of your franchise dealerships.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our Technology

Our technology finds the right leads at the right time for your dealership. We intelligently automate BDC follow-ups and target customers who are ready to buy a vehicle or schedule service/maintenance. Plus, our automated lead generation technology integrates directly with your CRM so that your team can continue working leads in your existing platform.

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