Oct 23, 2020  •  

Is a BDC right for your dealership?

by paramountleads

The gap between the internet and your showroom is getting smaller.

You’re probably wondering if you should set up a business development center (BDC) to bridge that space. However, it can be costly if you don’t execute your BDC properly. Most often, you end up with more costs instead of returns.

The lack of strategy and training created a bad name for the BDC nationwide and more dealerships are starting to lose faith.

But we have to remember the BDC’s roots, customer service. BDC representatives primarily focuses on customer questions and addressing their complaints.

Calling and emailing prospects is your representative’s closest responsibility related to sales. It is still up to your sales team to close!

So, what is a successful BDC supposed to do?

Generate Leads and Information.

By engaging and building relationships with all your prospects, you have a better chance of driving traffic into your showroom. Your BDC representative creates an almost tangible description for your sales team, giving your dealership access to your customer’s buying cycle and life events.

Does your team know how to engage with your customers properly?

Engagement starts with the psychology of your reps. Representatives that approach each lead as a sale will ultimately fail.

Warming up your leads is the first step to the sales process. Lead nurturing is where the BDC shines. It doesn’t make sense to give this responsibility to your sales team. You need people who specialize in customer service and explain why it’s beneficial for them to come in and look at their options.

Is your sales team capable of building rapport with your customers before they get in your dealership?

Would you be reading this if they are?

Unlike sales, BDC work is not instant. The average representative gives up too quickly. To a skilled BDC representative, an uninterested prospect is considered a challenge. It’s a reason to find out why they’re not interested. It’s a reason to gain their attention. Most importantly, it’s a way for your dealership to re-engage with your team before they decide to go to another dealership!

Not only is a BDC significant for promotion, but a BDC is also your customer data team. Genuine conversations with your leads help your team gain information that you wouldn’t have if they show up to your dealership unannounced. All customers are buyers, but you need skill and strategy to understand when and how to communicate.

How do you follow up with your customers?

As we move towards the digital age, the demands for a skilled BDC team increases. Local dealerships with a sound strategy will take your customers if you can’t compete.

We get it; the average experience with BDCs manifests thoughts of failure. However, properly developed BDCs are a money tree.

Poor execution will only result in high turnover, inconsistency in your messages, and wasted time. You already have too many responsibilities to take care of and too many costs for additional labor. What are you going to do?

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