Jun 23, 2020  •  

How To Be Human During Direct Marketing Efforts

by paramountleads

Let’s face it. Sales calls and email marketing campaigns can be awkward.

Newcomers might find themselves sounding robotic or scripted. Many salespeople seek ways to make the initial email or call sound more like a conversation and less like a sale. The biggest advice is just to be human. The prospect might already be interested in making the purchase. In fact, they probably inquired about receiving information about the product or service that you’re promoting. Let’s forget about your fear of sounding like every other salesperson and let’s start with the prospect. Most customers believe that salespeople don’t understand their needs. There are many reasons for this, and customers think that most salespeople genuinely do not understand the prospect’s real pain points and how your product or service can help. So, how do you make the sale while maintaining your human self? Most prospects don’t want their time wasted. They want to know how the product or service works on the first call. Most importantly, they want to understand if they can afford the product and make it work with their lifestyles or personal businesses. They want transparency.

Don’t let your prospect feel like another number.

No one wants to feel like another person on the list. They might be the 100th person you’ve dialed or emailed, but they shouldn’t feel like it. They should feel like they are making contact with a friend they haven’t spoken to in years. As a salesperson, you need to find a way to establish a genuine connection with them. This means researching your prospects before making the communication. For example, if you’re a car salesperson, talk about your prospect’s previous vehicles. Maybe they’re having trouble with it, and perhaps they still love it. Either way, you can make a conversation out of it. There’s a middle ground of friendly and professionalism that you need to find for every prospect. You have to be able to demonstrate the ability to care about their needs.

Get off the script.

Many training programs start with a script. After some good time, the text is memorized and almost becomes part of the sales representative. However, after reciting the script so often, the representative runs a risk of losing meaning to those words. They end up just spouting these words over and over again, and ultimately forgetting that active communication. Conditioned prospects continuously hear the same phone calls. CHANGE IT UP.Most importantly, remember that your prospects are human, just like you! How would you like to be sold? If you’re talking to a friend that was interested in your product, you wouldn’t speak to them with a script. You’d have a conversation and catch up with them before even mentioning the product or service.

Make conversation with storytelling.

Storytelling is another way to break away from the sale. Stories give you a chance to step away from the same old script you’ve been using all day. Also, prospects are more likely to remember your product or service when it’s presented in storytelling. In addition to brand recognition, this allows you to be more than a salesperson. This allows you to describe your company’s mission and vision. Strong storytelling will guide your prospect through the sales process, and instead of it being a process, it’s a journey. It is essential to make sure you have a handful of exciting stories to tell. All your prospects are different and require different ways of storytelling to get your point across. In general, your customers want to hear you tell stories about how you’ve helped others make a purchase. Your mission is to make sure that this whole interaction is as pleasant as it can be. This only works with a real understanding of your prospect and a clear understanding of their needs. If the conversation is not transparent enough, you will not make the sale. Taking the time to make a genuine connection is what makes the difference. Our sales representatives and trainers are all skilled in the art of communication. That’s THE PARAMOUNT DIFFERENCE. Contact Paramount Advertising and Lead Solutions if you or your company would like to increase sales and have a guaranteed return on investment!