Jun 23, 2020  •  

HOW To Use The Ability Of Determination

by paramountleads

Life is a series of events

Some moments you want to hold on to forever, like the day your child is born. Some moments you want to end as fast as possible, like anytime you get food poisoning. When you’re enjoying life, you feel good. You feel as if your mentality is at the most optimum position. However, moments like having food poisoning will have your mentality shift into dark places, and this is where the ability of determination comes in. “Determination” means nothing more than the capability of persevering through tough times.Nevertheless, harnessing determination can be hard. Sometimes the results are not good enough. Insecurity can leave you frustrated and wanting to give up, and this is when a decision takes place.

Do what is difficult or don’t

Doing what is difficult, especially during unfavorable times, can be tough. Picking yourself up is an exercise in determination. This means taking action even when your attempts seem feeble. This brings us to our current times. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our economy, and almost any attempt at improving business results seems practically useless. During stable times, you would push hard to help clients with their goals. This is a much more critical time to sell for results. This is where you and your company become remembered as the business necessity capable of pushing business goals forward, even in times of recession. Just remember, results from determination can take time. Your efforts might even suggest failure, but you have to let these seeds grow. There is no reason why you shouldn’t stop watering and nurturing these seedlings. Like people, plants are going to have a hard time growing when their environment isn’t up to par. They can even produce responses that bother your very core.

Determination means you don’t stop.

You continue to do those difficult tasks with no result other than a feeling of defeat. But, if you keep pushing despite all odds against you, there is no doubt you will find strategies to help you and your client out.Now, all your attempts during these hard times are most likely not going to produce the outcomes you want. But don’t worry, your efforts are not in vain. You have to be determined enough to understand that your results will come when the time is right. Many people are quick to accept the immediate results, which is ultimately nothing. They give up when the game isn’t even over yet. The determined don’t give up. They realize there is no benefit in negative thinking. This can leave the most capable feeling powerless and unable to control their destiny. What’s worse is when you think that you can’t help others. The truth is, you are the savior to this story. No one is coming to help you because you are the only one who can save others. The turning point of this story is when you realize this.

Understand Your Worth

Understanding your worth is recognizing the power to do what is in your control. Make it a habit to practice that control. Life isn’t perfect, you’re going to find yourself in stressful situations if you continuously challenge yourself. When you are getting frustrated, know that this is what comes before success. You are capable of helping others through tough times. It just takes some determination. We at Paramount, understand the importance of determination. We won’t stop helping our clients just because of this pandemic.