Oct 20, 2020  •  


by paramountleads

Everything you have now is enough.

Enough for you to move from your circumstances.

Achieving fulfillment through gratitude is a challenging concept to grasp when life seems to go wrong. In Dave Dini’s upcoming book, Enough, Dave presents the drawbacks in his life and how he continues to develop his belief system to overcome his obstacles.

In this video, Dave’s editor, Joe Mebrahtu, joins Dave to discuss his childhood and his ability to use gratitude to achieve his dreams. In Dave’s younger years, his dreams were just a fantasy. They brought on a sense of skepticism and feelings of low worth. He didn’t think he deserved to make his dreams a reality.

The key is, enough.

For your dreams to come true, you need to have the gratitude to understand the resources at hand. Understanding that you already have what it takes to achieve your goals.

Dave continues to dismantle negative thoughts by creating meaning and value from any situation, instead of looking at a circumstance as to another drawback.

Do you have the ability to make use of what you have to get to the next level?

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