Jun 23, 2020  •  

Maximize Your Dealership’s Digital Marketing With Sales

by paramountleads

Face-to-face sales are not possible with the occurrence of COVID-19.

Allocating your advertising budget for digital marketing might be your best bet. Your prospects are most likely at home and scrolling through their phones. Utilizing a digital marketing agency to enhance your digital footprint would probably be a necessary move for lead generation and brand awareness when everyone is social distancing. The deals are out there, and this is the best time for your customers to buy a car. They need someone to tell them.

The Importance of Digital and Standing Out

Your dealership would need an updated website to reflect the current times. Your website would need SEO, which is just a fancy term for ranking your website on search engines. Digital advertising that reaches out to your target audience. Plus, your business would need to deliver content on all the platforms your audience populates. Once that’s all set up, leads should be flying your way. But what are you going to do with all those leads? Response time is essential when it comes to lead conversion. Leads can go cold quickly and will eventually be distracted by other ads. Advertising is a crazy beast. Sam Car from PPC Protect reports the average person sees between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day. Sure, the prospect contacted you first, but your prospect is now susceptible to targeted advertisements that promote similar products or services you are offering.

What are you going to do, send them an email?

Campaign Monitor reveals that average email open rates should be around 15-25%. Average email open rates like this ultimately result in miss opportunities. This is when direct marketing comes into place, specifically telemarketing or inside sales. Calling your leads as soon as possible gives a quick response time and is the first step to brand awareness and consideration. Also, you’re offering 2-way communication from the start, unlike most ads that only require your prospect to sign up.

Advertisements over the phone.

Mike Snider from USA Today reports robocalls increased at 22% from 2018 to 2019. Calls made by real people create a product that digital marketing cannot offer human interaction. Overall, automated marketing looks to increase with the pandemic, what is your business do to stand out?

Questions to Consider.

Paramount works with automotive dealerships nationwide that have established digital footprints. They have beautiful websites, locally ranked pages, digital advertisements, and content created for their audience. When they paired up with our training and sales products, they maximized their digital marketing efforts. Not only were they generating leads, but they were capable of significantly increasing their showroom traffic. Sure many dealerships have dedicated call centers to work on calling interested prospects, but are they good enough to gather data and persuade someone to purchase over the phone? Do they have the sales technology and big data to leverage their prospects? These are some questions to consider when it comes to revamping your marketing strategy.

If your dealership has a digital footprint set up and you do not see the results you want, it might be time to call us. Call our Sales Director, Dominick Bickus, at (224)330-8489 to learn how to increase your numbers!