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5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Shouldn’t Outsource Sales

by paramountleads

There are many reasons you shouldn’t use outsourced sales, but you’d be missing out on great benefits and growth possibilities for your company. This applies to businesses with growth as a goal, but don’t have the sales production to expand.
The truth is, sales and marketing can be complicated. You need an account management team to strategically execute sales efforts, sales representatives that are experts in communication, and that’s just the beginning. There are so many things to consider, and we haven’t even touched on digital marketing. When you have a specialized product or service, you need people that have a clear understanding of what you do, what you can offer, and how to pitch to your prospective customers.

1. You want to spend more money on recruiting and training.
Relying on your current employees for sales can financially set you back and create weaknesses in your other departments. Many in-house employees are already juggling their responsibilities, and they don’t have the skills to sell effectively. They can learn how to sell, but that takes time. You can always find people for in-house sales, but at what cost? Does your dealership have the time to teach the psychology and application of sales? Does your team have the expertise even to evaluate what good sales are?

2. You don’t want to use proven services and strategies.
You can have success without proven records, but imagine if you had a sales team with over 30 years of success? The new sales representatives will not be as active as someone that has experience in the industry. You also have to pay for that new hire while they learn to be productive. Experienced sales representatives have gone through failure. They’ve learned every objection in the book, and they’ve taken the time to apply them in real-life situations. They’ve lived through what it takes to have proven ROI. Your new trainee might just quit.

3. You don’t want to utilize technology to optimize the sales process.
You fear that outsourcing your sales will lead to a loss of control. Chances are, you don’t have the technology to manage and use sales data. Selling isn’t just about lead conversion. It’s about creating and utilizing tools to increase revenue. Great sales companies have dedicated information technology teams that leverage data to improve sales performance. Leverage your representatives with better data analysis, monitoring their failed conversions, and using AI or other big data to speed up training. This will ultimately give you control that you didn’t know you could have.

4. You don’t want to know where your company stands.
The value of data increases when understanding your customers and where your company stands in the industry. When you hire an outsourced sales company, you can expect a large team to work on your account. You’re not stuck with 2-3 people trying to manage 10,000+ leads. With an increase in action, you can expect an increase in data and an increase in accuracy for those results. This will allow you to improve your product quickly and to position your marketing where it needs to be.

5. You think that you should spend your budget on other advertising efforts.
At Paramount Lead Solutions, all of our clients have taken the time to improve their digital footprint. From paid ads, SEO, PR, and content creation. This is all great when you want to generate leads, but what is your business doing to convert those leads? If you have an in house sales team, your representatives are focused on managing walk-ins or current clients. Do they have the time to make 250+ calls a day productively? The leads your company bought will be stale by the time your sales teams make contact. Response time is critical.

You’re probably doing alright without a dedicated sales team, but what’s the use of having so many leads when you can’t qualify and convert them on time. Paramount Advertising and Lead Solutions continue to bring success to automotive dealerships nationwide. We do this by utilizing communications tools and data to move your clients to make a purchase. Why are you waiting? You’re already looking for reasons why you shouldn’t outsource sales. Chances are you might need it.

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APRIL 23, 2020