Jun 30, 2020  •  

Refine your Follow Up Process for Quality Showroom Traffic

by paramountleads

“No shows” are a common problem that dealerships face daily. Most dealership staff confirm their appointments, but do they do it properly?

A refined follow-up process is much more than a simple reminder.

It’s another sale.

We are now living in a world of automation, including how we approach and sell our opportunities. It’s already common knowledge that the ability to connect with your audience and share your products on their preferred methods of interaction will help you achieve more sales.

By analyzing your dealership’s data and utilizing marketing technology, your dealership is capable of connecting with your prospects at the right time by triggering responses based on their consumer behaviors. That includes responses to follow up with your nurtured leads.

Quality responses are delivered on multiple communication platforms and include content that connects with your audience.

That’s the power of digital marketing.

However, is that all you need for successful sales?

It’s easy to see that automated marketing increases the quality of response time and the quantity of engagement, but what is the quality of the conversation?

Competition makes digital and content marketing necessary for engagement, but it’s essential to engage with organic responses and real people throughout the process.

People that can feel and use emotions to create an unforgettable buying experience for your customer.

,,According to Julia Manoukian from the Limelight Platform, “56 percent of Millennials would rather clean than go to a dealership.” 

Although digital marketing is a powerful tool for automotive sales, it’s going to take more than just emails and attractive content to get them in your showroom. It’s easy to say “no” to an advertisement.

Your customers don’t even have to respond.

However, you can convert a “no” if you take the time to realize why that person is not interested and personalize an enjoyable buying experience based on their car buying needs.

After you get your prospect’s attention with digital engagement, you need to retain that attention with two-way feedback.

Interested shoppers already show their interest by calling a dealership for more information.

,Derek Anderson of DialogTech, states, “Many vehicle shoppers researching online make first contact by calling. 61% of new and used vehicle shoppers contact the dealership by calling after a search.” 

Because of the complexities of car buying, it’s critical to understand that car buyers favor human interaction when buying a car.

These interactions include direct AND indirect responses that offer answers to their concerns. These experiences are more important than you think.

,,Julia Manoukian also reports that, “54 percent of car buyers would pay more for a better buying experience.” 

If you can offer an enjoyable purchase, customers are willing to pay more and stay loyal to your dealership.

We designed our process to create the best first impression when we greet your inbound leads and an even better second impression when we reengage them for their next purchase.

After your dealership sets an appointment, it’s essential to utilize all forms of communication to retain your prospect’s interest until they show up to your dealership. We use a combinationation of special messages and promotions tailored to your target audience.

Our Paramount sales engineers created this process in mind for a better sales process for your staff.

That’s why a Paramount Appointment has a better chance of showing up than your everyday appointment.

Besides our ability to create engaging content and use artificial intelligence to leverage your data, our focus on human interaction is what makes us successful. We pride ourselves with a relentless follow-up process that leads to qualified customers that are ready to come in and buy.

What makes us different from other companies is our people. You can expect your customers to make a new friend when they get on the phone with a Paramount representative.

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