Jul 06, 2020  •  

The Paramount Experience Is Unmatched To Any Other Workplace

by paramountleads

Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Natalie Dorman

I’m a sales intern at Paramount Lead and Advertising Solutions this summer. From a fresh perspective, here is a little bit about the environment at Paramount.

The energy in the office is youthful and collaborative.

Coming from a person who didn’t know a single thing about sales, I was mentored by the veterans in the office to the point of being completely comfortable on the phone. I have always felt at ease coming to the managers and asking for advice when I was having trouble. In addition, once a week, we gather for “Halo Wednesdays” and shout out our appreciation for our coworkers. Overall, the mentorship and encouragement I receive on a daily basis do not compare.

Another aspect of the job is being able to personally learn from the CEO of Paramount – Dave Dini.

The office lights up when he walks into the room to give one of his famous coach-esque talks. Dave mentors us about the power of no excuses and draws from his past experiences to give us lessons that we can apply professionally as well as personally.

Overall, Paramount is a place to build up important skills such as communication, leadership, and collaboration. Working here is a fabulous experience of personal growth.


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