Jun 23, 2020  •  

The Automotive Industry Is An Essential Part Of Life

by paramountleads

Warning lights, dead batteries, flat tires, alternator failure; these are common car problems that happen every day. However, do we realize the value of the people who manufacture and fix our cars? Reliable transportation has almost become an expectation for the majority of Americans.

Yet, necessities like food and medical services would be hard to get without reliable transportation.

The need for the automotive industry unfortunately saw its demand with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

This industry isn’t like a hockey game or theater, and we don’t need these things during a worldwide crisis. We do require our cars.

Dealerships and other auto locations are important to keep things going when the world is going haywire. Not only do dealerships play an integral part in sales, but they are also an essential destination for vehicle maintenance and repairs. Bottom line, people need functioning cars.

Dealerships are not only concerned about shutdowns but keeping their workers safe. Some dealerships are trying to stay open with a skeleton crew, allowing them to function with safe and appropriate measures. However, there is concern with keeping employees financially sound.

Automotive leaders are trying to change roles to keep employment running. Many dealerships are considering taking action at home pick-up and delivery to service and provide for the nation’s 220+ million licensed drivers. Customer service and telecommunications are needed more than ever and allows for dealerships to use their employees resourcefully. Besides, everyone is either bored or worried at home. This is the time to pick up the phone and talk to someone.