Jun 23, 2020  •  

COVID-19 Calls For A Need In Corporate Social Responsibility

by paramountleads

Hyundai Offers Job Loss Protection For New Customers, What about you? 

2007-2009 was a tough time for many people, especially after the burst of the U.S. housing bubble and the global financial crisis.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is already replicating the same financial effects of the 2007-2009 recession. To help, Hyundai and Genesis are launching job loss protection programs for new buyers. If the buyer purchases a new Hyundai and loses their job between March 14th-April 30th, the program will help the buyer by paying up to 6 months of payments. Anyone who buys a new Accent, Venue, Kona, Elantra, Tucson, or Santa Fe before April 30th can ask to have their payments postponed for up to 90 days. At this time, other companies are stepping up their roles in CSR. MasterCard is allowing their workers two extra weeks to work from home to manage and take care of their families during this epidemic. Staff that work in affected areas are also getting medical care packages. MasterCard understands the mental trauma that COVID-19 can cause for many people. People are operating in fear for their families, friends, and financial situations.

Let’s face it. The Corona epidemic is wreaking havoc among all of our industries.

What is your company doing for corporate social responsibility during this time of need? How is your company going to be remembered during this time? It’s a false belief that investments in people can wait; however, we need to invest in people NOW. We need to take care of our people and help them get back to a position of health.

If you are a business owner, operating only for profit is long gone.

If your business hasn’t taken the steps to participate in corporate social responsibility, it is now. Besides the need for businesses to operate in ethical and sustainable ways, companies need to focus and consider humanity. Most global consumers are loyal to brands that attempt to address and seek solutions for social issues.


Seeking out the benefits of corporate social responsibility will not only help your consumers but also create significant value for your company. These benefits include:Improved public imageIncreased brand awareness and recognitionAdvantage over competitorsGreater employee engagement and personal growth. Our team is taking all the measures we can to ensure that our employees are taken care of. We encourage everyone to take care of themselves and remember to be compassionate at this time.

– Team Paramount