Jun 23, 2020  •  

40 Talking Points That Don’t Have To Do With COVID-19

by paramountleads

As a salesperson, you know the importance of conversation.

Even though the pandemic is a topic that affects all of us, it can get old talking about it. Realistically, people don’t care about how you’re dealing with Corona, they just want human connection and to be able to share mutual anxieties about life. It’s understandable that COVID-19 is a genuine concern that we all have, but let’s shift away from our worries and talk about other things!Besides, conversations about anything besides illness can help us shift our thoughts and deal with our new world. When we talk about illness or other negative aspects of life, we tend to behave and operate with fear, which ultimately leads to panic and apprehension. Now, I’m not saying let’s forget all about our problems. COVID-19 is genuine and poses a real threat to everyone, especially those who have to work during these times. We still have to be informed and take this seriously, but let’s not focus ALL our attention on the pandemic. It’s beneficial to talk about other things too. Here are some talking points you can use in your conversations.


Are you making a cold call, and you hear some furry critters in the background?

1. What’s that sound?

2. What kind of breed is your pet?

3. What kind of pets do you have?

4. Talk about your pets.


A lot of people are at home and have to take care of their families, do you hear them in the background?

5. Oh, do you have kids?

6. How old are they?

7. How’s family life at home?

8. Talk about your kids or family members.


When you call a prospect, they might be watching TV or listening to music.

9. What are you listening to?
10. What are you doing to keep yourself entertained at home?

11. If they talk about social media, ask them about any funny memes or videos they’ve seen.

12. What are you going to do this weekend?

13. Bring up current world celebrity gossip.


Have you made a call and your prospect is getting ready for dinner? Did your prospect just finish eating?

14. What did you have to eat?

15. How was it?

16. What are you about to eat?

17. Do you cook?

18. Talk about what you’re going to eat or cook.


A lot of us are fortunate enough to work during these times. Is your prospect working on a project?

19. What are you working on?

20. Are you working from home?

21. Are there any differences you notice working from home versus the office?

22. If you’re working from home, talk about your experiences.


This is an easy go-to, especially during the changing seasons.

23. Talk about your current geography’s weather.

24. How is that weather affecting you and your plans?

25. What’s your prospect’s weather like?

26. How are they enjoying it?

27. How are they not enjoying it?

Home Life

Almost everyone is at home and trying to make the best out of it.

28. How has their home lives changed their daily routine?

29. If you are stuck at home, talk about the changes you had to make to your routine.

30. Have they been able to work on house projects?

31. Talk about your current house projects if you have any.

Health and Fitness

Gyms and health club closings force people to look for new ways to exercise.

32. What have you done to stay active at home?

33. How have their fitness routines changed since health clubs have been temporarily closed?

34. Are they still capable of

35. Talk about your fitness routine changes.


We live in a vast melting pot full of different people, and with that comes some unique names.

36. How do you pronounce your name?

37. Do people usually pronounce your name wrong?

38. What’s the funniest mispronunciation you’ve heard?

39. What are the origins to your name?

40. If you have a unique name, talk about your experiences, and relate to them.

You can bring up these talking points up at any time.

Almost anything can be used as talking points when you are making your sales calls. Just use context clues and be observant of your prospect and what is going on with their lives. Most importantly, just be human! When you’re talking to a friend, what do you usually talk about? People buy people, not necessarily the product. Let’s use this time to become better people and talk about things that matter in your lives. You never know what kind of information you can pull up to make the sale!