Jun 23, 2020  •  

Dealerships Are Ready To Negotiate Over The Phone And Email

by paramountleads

Are you healthy and fortunate enough to have work during these times?

This might be your chance to get a once in a lifetime deal on a new vehicle. However, the pandemic is requiring you to shop at home because auto dealers are starting to close down their showrooms. All you need is an online connection or phone reception to be able to get these exceptional deals. Let’s face it, now is the time to purchase. Negotiating power is already on your side. The pandemic has made it hard for dealerships to get people in their showrooms and inventory is in excess. GM reported a 7.1% decline in sales during the first quarter. Fiat Chrysler is down 10.4%. Nissan is down a staggering 29.6%. Many other manufacturers are continuously reporting steep decreases in sales.

If you’re reading this and you feel apprehensive, remember the times we are living.

This is not just another special promotion. Vehicle sales are already down from 2016 and about 7 million car customers are behind on their payments. This is the difference between staying open or closing down. These dealerships still have quotas to fill, regardless of the pandemic. There is a desperation created when you are used to selling 15 cars a day and now you’re only selling one or zero. There are about 17,000 dealerships in the United States that are taking big hits.

These dealerships are doing anything and everything to be able to keep their employees.

Even though service and repair shops can stay open, people don’t want to bring in their cars because they are concerned about catching coronavirus. Unfortunately, these dealerships are forced to lay off their employees at unimaginable rates. If you are able and capable, this is your time to help many people out. Not only do you get a fantastic deal on a vehicle, but you can help put food on someone’s table.

You’re probably wondering how good these deals are.

We’ve seen dealerships advertising prices up to 5% off below sticker price. Not only that, manufacturers are willing to give out great incentives. You can see 0% financing, seven-year loans, and three months without payments. You can even expect better savings if you are adept in negotiation. Along with delivery, you can expect a disinfected vehicle before it is in your hands. The driver will also maintain safety precautions like wearing gloves and masks.

Before the pandemic, face-to-face sales were the norm.

That’s not exactly possible now. Dealerships need to focus on telecommunications and email campaigns to push their promotions. Sure there are tons of online dealerships to go to, but people seek human connection before making a purchase. Dealerships have to be able to master communication over the phone and email, that’s the difference between making the sale or losing the customer.

We at Paramount have over 30 years of experience with communications.

We are continuing to push to make sure our dealerships achieve sales to stay SUCCESSFUL. With our expert representatives and their ability to make cold calls into sales, we are continually proving that we are a necessity in today’s automotive industry. Contact us now if your dealership is having trouble utilizing your communication tools. We are ready to get your sales now!