Jul 31, 2020  •  

Selling Has Become Second Nature

by paramountleads

Hi, my name is Alex Forte.

I am a sales intern at Paramount Advertising and Lead Solutions. I am a third-year finance student at The Ohio State University. Working at Paramount has been nothing short of amazing. Before this summer, I had no prior experience in sales and would have never seen myself excelling in this type of environment.

With the strong leadership and mentors in the office, selling has become second nature, and I am comfortable on the phone. Everybody at the office wants to get to know you personally and help you succeed. It truly is a team collaboration. The office is professional and laid-back.

Dave Dini is one of the best leaders I have ever encountered, and I am fortunate to learn from a master salesman. At Paramount, employees are seen as people! There is no better feeling than getting that first sale and seeing continued success. From veterans who have been in the industry for years to young individuals just starting, everyone will see results!

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